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Cinderella (2019)

71 min   |   English 

Cinderella Trailer
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Status: Completed, Release Date TBD Category: Family/Fantasy

Director: Steven Salgado

Cast: Lauren Perez, Maria E. Gray, Adrian De Armas, Jennifer Gasca, Lina Cale, Christine Galliano

Cinderella Perrault had a loving father and a great life in her mansion. When her father died in a car accident, her life turned upside down. Morgan the wicked step mother and her two daughters, Lexi and Mercedes are treating her like a maid, making her do all the chores in the house. But everything changes when she meets Adam Windsor in the Perrault’s shareholders party. An eligible bachelor that Morgan wants for one of her daughters, until he sees Cinderella and falls in love with her.

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